Lake Owyhee, Owyhee River Oregon Engraved 3-D Wood Map Wall Hanging

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Custom map of Lake Owyhee also called Owyhee River, in Oregon. This extremely long tributary is so detailed, you can hardly tell from the photos how cool it is. A complete list of landmarks engraved on the sign are listed below:

1. Owyhee Dam
2. Gordon Creek Park
3. McCormack Campground
4. Lake Owyhee Resort "Indian Creek Campground"
5. Castle Rock
6. Dry Creek
7. Dry Creek Butte
8. The Elbow
9. Fisherman's Cove
10. Iron Mtn
11. The Big Slide
12. Honey Comb
13. Pelican Point Flight Strip
14. Table Mtn
15. Doe Island
16. Leslie Gulch Campground
17. Rooster Comb
18. Wilson "Old Townsite"
19. Red Butte
20. Petrified Wood Area
21. Sourdough Basin
22. Wild Horse Basin

Customizable - leave notes in the messages with any custom requests.

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