Leaf Earrings - Poppy and Aqua Cork Earrings

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Beautiful cork leaf earrings in varying sizes and colors. We LOVE our natural cork, leather, and wood earrings because they are light as air and easy to coordinate with everyday outfits.  

LARGE DOUBLE LEAF - Drop right at 3" from hook to tip - leaf itself 2.3" long
SMALL SINGLE LEAF - Drop approx 2 1/8" from hook to tip - leaf itself 1.5"

What is cork?  Cork is a sustainable eco-friendly and vegan material with texture and visual interest.  Some corks are fragile, but the cork fabric we use is high quality and pliable but light as air.  Made in Portugal from sustainable trees.  Cork is not faux leather.  But it is often called "vegan leather," as it has a natural look without being leather.