Single Layer Engraved Priest Lake, Idaho Wall Decor Sign

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This new product line is a single-layer wood piece with the engraved image of your favorite lake or landmass (we've done the Philippines before, as well, search the site for that).  Beautiful hues of natural birch and brown.  This is an awesome way to depict any/all of our lake portfolio.

Beloved Priest Lake, Idaho is located in the northernmost portion of the Idaho Panhandle, near the Canada US border.  Surrounded by awesome campgrounds and beautiful bays, this is a special destination for many in the Pacific Northwest.  

Feel free to list any & all special landmarks that you want listed along the shores of your lake sign.  Please enter a phrase, name, and/or date you want engraved to personalize.  Please message us if you have any questions.

A striking compass image also engraved.