St. Joe River, Idaho 3D river engraved wood map

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The Saint Joe River is a 140-mile long tributary of Lake Coeur d'Alene in north Idaho.  Beginning in eastern Shoshone County, it flows west through the Saint Joe River Valley through Avery and Calder, through St. Maries where it meets the Saint Marie River. It is described as the highest navigable river in the world. 

Your custom map will be different depending on which points you want included on the piece.  

The piece in these photos was a single piece featuring the portion of the river running from Falls Creek on the west, centering on Calder, Idaho and Big Creek, and ending just before (not including) Marble Creek.   On this piece St. Joe River is displayed in the top right of the piece, while the phrase River Livin and an established date are centered on the bottom.