Saint Joe Triptych - Three Part River Map Series

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The Saint Joe River is a 140-mile long tributary of Lake Coeur d'Alene in north Idaho.  Beginning in eastern Shoshone County, it flows west through the Saint Joe River Valley through Avery and Calder, through St. Maries where it meets the Saint Marie River. It is described as the highest navigable river in the world. 

As the river is extremely long, the original design of this piece was a 3-part piece featuring three separate 12x18" sections that flow seamlessly into each other.  The following is a description of what is contained on each part of the river.  You may select just 1 or all 3 of the pieces for your custom map.  

Part 1: (In these photos, the part containing the title Saint Joe River) - this 12x18" piece incorporates the river flowing from St. Maries on the west to St. Joe on the east.  From left to right it includes: St Maries, the St Marie River Tributary, Swan Lake, Bells Lake, Jacot Creek, Turtle Lake, Rochat Creek, Mercury Creek, Allens Gulch, Ahrs Gulch, and ending at St. Joe City.

Part 2: The 2nd section of the map starts on the west at Falls Creek/Bond Creek, includes Trout Creek, Hugus Creek, Jack Creek, Charley Creek, Moose Creek, Calder, Elk Creek, Mica Creek, Big Creek, and Mud Cabin Creek.  

Part 3: The 3rd section of this series starts on the west with Marble Creek and includes Harvey Creek, Blackjack Creek, Slate Creek, Marion Creek, Cedar Creek, Burton Creek, Hamilton Gulch, Rock Creek, Storm Creek, Roundhouse Gulch, Setzer Creek, Avery, Avery Creek, and Kelly Creek.  On this third section we included the family name, their established date, and a compass.

If at any point along the river map you own a home and would like us to mark it with a house symbol, please leave a note about this in the Instructions to Seller at checkout. Feel free to use the contact us form if you have questions before placing this special order.