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Danny & Louisa Cash of North Idaho Made - Art on the Green 2018

Hello!  We are Danny & Louisa Cash of North Idaho Made.  A husband/wife team, a full family affair, we are a local small business located in Hayden/Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with a specialization in customized 3-d art, engraved wood pieces, and unique, non-big-box-store gift ideas for your loved ones.  You may have stumbled on our social media or met us at the CDA Art on the Green street fair the last few summers, but either way we are glad you found us! 


We have four littles and are so thankful to be home and present in their young lives.  We are frequently asked if they don't get in the way of our projects or how we get anything done with kids underfoot.  For starters, we trade off parent duties based on current project timelines and usually if one of us is entrenched, the other can tend to the kids.  It's not always easy, but being together as a family everyday is worth it all.  They know what we do and try to help as much as they can.  This year our oldest offered to clean the shop for a quarter and I found him once on a stool next to Dad boxing up freshly sanded ornaments in prep for shipping.  

Danny Cash

Danny was born and raised in Oklahoma. ¬†Straight out of high school he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served from ‚Äô01-‚Äô05.¬† After, he settled briefly in San Diego, where he worked in electrical engineering. He met Louisa through friends of friends, and what started as a ‚Äúfirst date as friends‚ÄĚ skydiving turned into a lifetime.

We married in 2010, spent 6 years in Northern Arizona before relocating to North Idaho with 2 kids and growing to a family of six over the next 7 years in Post Falls and Hayden, ID.  Danny has a bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science/Meteorology from Embry Riddle University and is a commercially rated helicopter pilot.  He has always had a knack for building and made much of the specialty furniture in our home.  His Etsy shop originally began as a place for him to sell custom home décor with the future goal of offering custom furniture pieces.  He is a perfectionist and prides himself in only making things he would put in our home. 

Louisa has been an entrepreneur since childhood, making everything from crocheted finger puppets to sell in local artisan stores at age 8 to greeting cards for the ladies at church at age 11.  She has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management from San Diego State University.  She worked 8 years in corporate before starting The Headband Shoppe making handmade feather and wedding accessories.  That was the beginning of an Etsy journey that led indirectly to where we are today.  If you'd like to read more of the story of our start, I recently blogged about it here.

Now we work together.¬† We are a ‚Äúmom & pop shop‚ÄĚ growing a business & family together, and we are beyond grateful for the support of clients like you.¬† We care about our customers and stand behind the quality of our products.¬† Nothing is shipped without a detailed inspection. Always willing to innovate and customize, we hope to continue to expand as far as your imagination can take us.¬† Thank you for supporting our family and for supporting an American-based small business!

Click here if you'd like to see some behind the scenes footage of a Seattle art piece and be sure to follow us on Tiktok for video snippets of both our business and our life.

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