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Why I can't [or won't] ship to Germany in 2019. A Guide to the New German Packaging Law

I've been selling online for over 10 years now on multiple Etsy platforms, Amazon, and now our website, (which you are on right now).  In those years I've received an order from Germany a total of 22 times.  That is an average of just over 2 orders PER YEAR to this country.  Out of 44,000+ sales, if just 22 have come from Germany, it seems that may not be my target market. The last couple weeks my attention was drawn to a concerning Facebook post about parcels that did not get delivered to their destination in Germany.  I filed this away in my memory banks but a few days ago, order number 22 arrived with an address in Germany.  I googled, crowd-sourced,...

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10 Years + 44,178 sales - This is Our Etsy Story

  Sunday March 22, 2009.  I'm sitting at brunch with my boyfriend (now husband of almost 9 years) enjoying some decent weather and I glance down at my little black flip-phone.  There was no such thing as a cha-ching back then because the Etsy phone app would not be developed for another 2 years. Being the diligent young 20's post-college grad that I was, it seemed like a good time to check my email.  My eye caught an email title I had never seen before.     To Malta. (Italy)I jumped up from the table.  I yelled...loudly.  NO WAY.  I sold something?  NO WAY. To Malta?  Where is Malta?  Two days later, another sale.  To Australia.  What?  How do you even mail...

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