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10 Years + 44,178 sales - This is Our Etsy Story

  Sunday March 22, 2009.  I'm sitting at brunch with my boyfriend (now husband of almost 9 years) enjoying some decent weather and I glance down at my little black flip-phone.  There was no such thing as a cha-ching back then because the Etsy phone app would not be developed for another 2 years. Being the diligent young 20's post-college grad that I was, it seemed like a good time to check my email.  My eye caught an email title I had never seen before.     To Malta. (Italy)I jumped up from the table.  I yelled...loudly.  NO WAY.  I sold something?  NO WAY. To Malta?  Where is Malta?  Two days later, another sale.  To Australia.  What?  How do you even mail...

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